Basic Medical Sciences

Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences

department Of Physiology

Physiology department has the best faculty, most modern laboratory, lecture halls and tutorial Rooms. Course comprises of basic human body functions integrated with other departments of Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences.

Dr M. Adnan Kanpurwala

  • Head Of Department
  • MBBS, PGD-Stats, DDM, MHM, M.Phil,
    MHPE Scholar, PhD Scholar
  • Brig (R) Aabdul Qadir
  • Associtae Professor
  • MBBS, MCPS, MSC, M.Phil
  • Dr Rabiya Ali
  • Assistant Professor
  • MBBS
  • Dr Naila Aneel
  • Lecturer
  • MBBS

  • Dr Samira Amjad
  • Lecturer
  • Dr Sundas Ahmad
  • Lecturer
  • MBBS
  • Dr Amjad
  • Lecturer
  • MBBS