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department Of BIOCHEMISTRY

The department of Biochemistry is committed to introduce undergraduate students the concept of Molecular Basis of all biochemical processes that are undergoing in our body with their clinical orientation. Biochemistry Department has qualified and experienced faculty and well-equipped laboratory.

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Dr Shamim Akhtar Siddiqui

  • Head Of Department
  • Dr. Shaheena
  • Associate Professor
  • MBBS, M.Phil
  • Dr Fasiha Fatima
  • Asst Professor
  • MBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)
  • Dr Madiha Sobam
  • Sr Lecturer
  • MBBS, Enrolled In M.Phil
  • Dr Amina Raza
  • Sr Lecturer
  • MBBS
  • Dr. Rabia Binat Khalid
  • Lecturer
  • MBBS